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For our final voyage report I wish to extend our most sincere appreciation to all Royal Star anglers and those family members and friends who support them. Never more than this past season have we understood the value and depth of your loyalty both in your ridership and in your help spreading the word about the quality fishing experiences we consistently provide. There is no greater compliment to our efforts than repeat customers and referrals. It is the foundation of our successful history as Royal Star Sport Fishing.

With this in mind, and the holiday's upon us, we are filled with gratitude. We are true to our customers and guarantee every Royal Star angler that not only will our visionary, first class standards be maintained in 2010 and beyond, they will be improved upon. There is always another advance on the horizon and our tireless drive to improve and operate the most efficient, professional long range sport fishing vessel is motivated by this philosophy.

Every one of these long range vessels, and how they are operated, is an extension of the owner's, Captain's, and crewmember's core values. That is what differentiates one vessel from the next. As a prospective long range angler, or a long range angler who has not fished on Royal Star, I urge you to appreciate the difference. More than anything what I want is for all long range anglers to realize the experience they expect from a professional operation when embarking on a long range voyage. I want every angler stepping off one of these boats to feel that it was incredible experience that they will seek again; even better seek again with family and/or friends. I know that these goals and expectations are met and exceeded on Royal Star. We are dedicated to it, and guarantee it through our hands on management. Randy, Tracy, Brian, and I are here, in any combination of two to four of us, committed to creating exceptional long range sport fishing voyages for our anglers every day of the year.

Finally, I would be remiss to exclude our veteran crew who are the extension of our standards working their magic daily on deck as both ambassadors and professional fishermen who take great pride in the job they perform and reputation they have established. This crew of Captain Sean Bickel, Captain Gregg Tanji, Captain Isaac Sullens, Crewman Steve Gregonis, and Crewman Blake Wasano earn the credit and compliments they deserve through a routine upheld by exceptional ability, focus on their responsibilities, and confidence in their results. A better crew has never worked the deck of a long range vessel. Of that I am sure. And of course the galley team of Chef's Drew Rivera and Jeffery Grant, and assistant, budding pastry chef Tommy Grant, can only be heralded as the finest Chef's in the history of long range fishing in both the consistency of their unmatched, exceptional cuisine and their outgoing, welcoming characters.

All this said it again is our time to say thank you to all Royal Star supporters and all of you reading along. I am especially appreciative of all you readers who follow my narratives and provide excellent feedback and mostly compliments. I enjoy it and enjoy the opportunity to entertain and perhaps occasionally enlighten you. Have a tremendous holiday season and enjoy and cherish the time you have to spend with family and friends. All of us at Royal Star wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy, fulfilling New Year with all good things to come.

And last but not least our final photos of the voyage feature two long range veterans who have earned a flawless reputation as accomplished giant tuna anglers who carry their status with the composure all of us can respect and admire. Stas Vellonakis, who was there when I made my first voyage on Royal Polaris twenty three years past, is probably the finest all around angler I know. I am not just considering fishing ability but the overall character of an individual who is a pleasure to spend time at the rail with, and a generous wealth of knowledge without being assuming in any form. Stas is pictured with his second three hundred pound yellowfin tuna caught in 2009 on Royal Star - a healthy 307 landed with incredible finesse on the mid day fished sardine. The second photo features Kevin Leong and Stas both pulling on giants in unison. Like Stas Kevin is an unassuming individual but his knowledge of fishing, and ability as a fisherman is legendary. Kevin is another one of those guys who is open and free with his incredible knowledge but doesn't seek the spotlight to trumpet his achievements. Both guys are a fortunate addition to appreciate and respect on any long range adventure.

Thanks again from all of us at Royal Star.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Tim Ekstrom
Randy Toussaint
Tracy Toussaint
Brian Sims
Sean Bickel
Gregg Tanji
Steve Gregonis
Blake Wasano
Isaac Sullens
Drew Rivera
Jeffery Grant
Tommy Grant
Ann Van Dyke

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