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We traveled up today in nice weather,broke down tackle and cleaned the boat. The guys had lively conversations about the battles they won and those they lost. Others were planning the next trip to chase the fish of a lifetime.

If you are thinking about coming down here to try your luck at big fish fishing, we observed several conditions that bode well for this area for the next couple of months. First there is a good volume of bait life in the area. Squid, bullet tuna, and red crab are all around in good volumes. Second there is good general life around. Birds, whales, dolphins and other pelagic fishes in the area. The "Cows" are definitely still around, in fact it is my feeling that more and more are filtering in to the area as you read this. Water temperatures are stabilizing. The effect of which is fish settling in to one area where we can target them. Add this all up, put it in a historical context, and the most logical prediction is that we will see a lot more trophy tuna taken before the end of the season.

Today's shot is of Willie Pennington who traveled out from North Carolina. Willie has a great sense of humor and kept us laughing at the rail and in the galley for the entire trip. He had the last fish of the day a few days ago.


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