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I've been doing a lot of thinking during this last round of voyages while I observed from the bleachers tethered to land by administrative and family responsibilities. From a fisherman's perspective there is nothing like receiving reports of outstanding offshore fishing in primo weather to manifest a case of claustrophobia cured only by setting forth on a voyage of your own and evening up the score.

I have to say that one thing in particular jumped out at me during this last giant tuna cycle that really is our trademark on Royal Star, and what I consider to be our greatest attraction and most compelling advantage. Consistent, professional results in every aspect of our operation is what Royal Star anglers receive every time, every voyage. Since 1996 when Randy, Tracy, and I established Royal Star Sportfishing we have focused on and delivered exceptional, professional standards with experienced Captains and crewmen dedicated to this fishery and passionate in their drive to exceed angler's expectations. When anglers choose Royal Star they receive a guarantee that the voyage will be led by a experienced, vested professional with a long history in this fishery and unique knowledge that can only be earned through time on the water.

Between Captain Randy Toussaint, Captain Brian Sims, our veteran crew of Captain Gregg Tanji, Captain Sean Bickel, Captain Isaac Sullens, Steve Gregonis, Blake Wasano, and I Royal Star anglers are one hundred percent assured that they are in the best, most capable hands with the most qualified, proficient, innovative team in the history of long range fishing. As bold of a statement as this is to make I forward it with complete confidence and certainty. I have been to sea with many different crews over the years and I have never seen our present veteran crew members outperformed. I am equally confident that following any Royal Star voyage our departing anglers agree. This is the core of our business and fishing strategy and why anglers choose Royal Star again and again. Genuine guarantees are difficult to come by now days. We confidently guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our effort, performance, and results on Royal Star.

Consistency though is the key. Again this is the trademark of Royal Star. Yes, the crewmen I listed are the best of the best, but our crewmen always are and always have been. Between Randy and I originally, and now including Brian at the helm as an owner/operator, our extraordinary standards drive and accept nothing other than the best. This is what Royal Star anglers know they will receive on every Royal Star voyage. It is not a crap shoot or wild guess as to who will be leading their long range voyage or who the on deck crew will be. Every voyage, every time Royal Star anglers are guaranteed the professional, experienced team they expect when booking a long range sport fishing adventure. There is nothing that bests experience. This fact is and has been proven in every respect over time.

So with my pride in this crew and our operation brimming we set forth on the next adventure with the man himself, Bart Ryder, heading up this outstanding charter. With ten days on the water before we drop this incredible group of seasoned anglers off in Cabo San Lucas we have the time to get the job done. Now it is just a matter of the big fish showing again and being in the right place at the right time. With a handful of us heading down and working together we will get on them when they show. Everything here is as perfect as can be with an ideal load of sardines, beautiful bait, and Royal Star presently in top form. Reports will continue for the next twelve days as we venture forth in search of giant yellowfin tuna to usher in some Christmas cheer.

Tim Ekstrom

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