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Everything started off right with all our tanks jugged with perfect five to eight inch sardines that presently appear bullet proof as they settle in for the ride south. As we travel south over the next few days, we will be preparing our equipment for the big push to come as the inside Revillagigedo islands, San Benedicto, Socorro, and Roca Partida beckon with visions of grandeur to come. We will soon find out.

On another note this is the farewell voyage for our beloved Cummins KT(A)1150 main engines that have met every performance expectation one could ever hope for in their 24 years of flawless service in Royal Star. Though they continue to run to perfection, it is time to upgrade with their new counterpart the Cummins QSK19 that will require a huge capital investment but promise to pay worthy dividends in the form of operational security and fuel savings. Needless to say we are looking forward to spanking new machinery and upgrading all associated systems while simultaneously feeling a little melancholy about parting with such trusted old friends. These engines have propelled us through a lot of water over the years earning our genuine respect, affection, and admiration in the process. It will be a tender parting but is necessary for the greater good. Before we say goodbye however, we have about another two thousand miles and sixteen days to go. In the meantime the focus is on fishing and we will be getting to it soon.


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