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Other than expressing our relief and gratitude that we were not traveling in the opposite direction, we don't have much to report today. The wind was huffing and puffing with accompanying twelve to fourteen foot seas that made for an exciting yet smooth ride surfing and skidding down swell faces while wallowing in the troughs between. Otherwise the boat is operating in top form and the bait is looking phenomenal as we continue down the line heading for our beginning destination of Cabo San Lucas on Saturday the 14th.

For those anglers on the upcoming voyage it presently appears that we will arrive in Cabo San Lucas sometime between 1200 and 1300 on Saturday. Keep in mind that Cabo time is one hour ahead of California. That translates into 1300 to 1400 Cabo time as we continue using the ship's clock on Pacific Standard Time throughout the voyage. I will update the ETA for CABO tomorrow morning for all to check. Our fine companion and top scientist Gabriel Aldana Flores from Instituto Nacional de Pesca (INP) will be joining us at about 1530 Cabo time so if you arrive earlier and wish to grab some lunch and/or perhaps a margarita or two, please feel free to do so. One last piece of information for those arriving in Cabo tomorrow is that we will remain out front in the anchorage this voyage so water taxis either from the beach in front of the "Office" or from inside the harbor will be necessary to reach Royal Star. Again look for our updated ETA first thing tomorrow morning and safe travels!


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