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After this glory day I suppose I could deviate from my usual litany of details and floral descriptions of sights, action, and sounds. The nuts and bolts are sufficient enough. Over one hundred forty yellowfin tuna were tagged with the breakdown about 10% 30 - 40's, 70% 60 - 90's, and the remaining 20% mixed up from one hundred to one hundred sixty pounds! Big fish of the day was a 205 captured by the man himself Senior Scientist Kurt Schaefer, who in addition to performing archival tag surgeries, analyzing data, and drafting manuscripts to be published, is also quite a fisherman and happy to employ his efforts at the rail when the opportunity arises. I can definitely report that opportunities at the rail were plenty today as the sheer quantity of fish and nonstop pace of the action nearly every time we drifted or anchored was impossible for any angler to take advantage of the entire time.

This was another phenomenal day of fishing. No kites, no balloons, no fluorocarbon, no miniature reels with micro top shots, no pulling our hair out in agonizing frustration attempting to entice cagey tuna with any and every gimmick in the book. Just straight, old school, fly lined big baits fished on big, "caveman" gear. Glory fishing. Also, no sharks. We tussled with maybe a handful throughout the day and lost one or two fish total to predation. Compared to some past voyages, and relative to the typical Revillagigedo pattern, the shark factor is nonexistent; pure tuna catching enjoyment.

That's it. Another day that these very fortunate anglers experienced the magic of this incredible opportunity to legally fish the Revillagigedo island biosphere reserve and participate in this worthy project. With six more days in the reserve and a couple of islands yet to visit, "the world is our oyster" to borrow an old phrase. I should probably tone it down a little and exercise caution as I am so intimately familiar with how rapidly trends out here change and how merciless the elements can be. That is a difficult road to follow however as the consistency of the fishing on these Revillagigedo voyages has been so dependable now over four consecutive years. Tuna fisherman's paradise is an understatement as a description of these islands. Honestly.

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