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We pulled back the throttles a bit today focusing on a full tour in search of Wahoo and additional tuna haunts following a robust morning of action on 40 - 100# yellowfin that I admit was probably not maximized due to many anglers being slow to turn out following the prior three days of virtually nonstop fishing. Interestingly, yesterday's full tilt action on mid range tuna was not easy to come by after the morning hit today with more of an effort necessary to both find and hook fish following what turned out to be a uneventful, but beautiful tour of the island. Also of interest was a marked increase in the percentage of bigger, 100 to 175 pound yellowfin as well as, I hate to say, sharks that were not an extreme bother but definitely made their presence known by taxing our efforts to land the bigger fish.

Taking the change as a cue, we are opting to head west tomorrow seeking action on both tuna and Wahoo at Roca Partida and beyond. We are far from completely writing off Socorro, as there are definitely abundant opportunities at both trophy and school size yellowfin here. But, if nothing else I probably have a slight case of believing the grass is greener over the horizon and must be convinced before I am content to settle in exclusively here. We have plenty of time remaining, good weather, a stupendous quantity of perfect bait, and the drive to continue catching and tagging Wahoo and tuna to our heart's content. With this in mind the adventure continues in the form of a seventy mile jump to the west tonight.

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