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I have to admit that following yesterday's unfortunate arrival of the sharks prospects for the conclusion I was seeking at Clarion were a little dubious. As I reported however even when the heathen packs are present, which is more often than not around the Revilla's, we utilize a variety of techniques to minimize their impact. One of those techniques, and a little local knowledge, served us well today as we scratched along on 60 - 75# yellowfin tuna in the morning watching and waiting for the big fish to make their afternoon showing. They did not disappoint.

Once again the action went from zero to hot and heavy within minutes as the ones we were hoping for found us and settled in for a two hour scorcher where sixteen yellowfin tuna from 160 - 220 were landed, tagged, and released. With plenty of bait to motivate their appetite the surface show was pure chaos with numerous aggressive, churning boils right next to the hull and all around the perimeter as anglers reefed on giant yellowfin amidst the precious but violent order of Clarion Island?s undisturbed food chain. To say that the Revillagigedos are the world's most spectacular fishing destination for giant yellowfin tuna is no stretch. The fishing itself, although maybe not as consistently, can be matched in many west coast destinations. We have all seen, and many of us partaken, in the phenomenal offshore fishing for giant yellowfin at hurricane bank or along Mexico's western coast. But, the scenic features of the Revillagigedo Islands, from the surrounding ocean abounding with life to the stark, rugged beauty of the prehistoric volcanic landscapes, provide countless rich, unforgettable images to anyone fortunate enough to fish in this vicinity.

So we ended on the high note we were hoping for. We had to contend with the nuisance of a few bait eating sharks, but they did little to quash enthusiasm as big fish after big fish came through the gate to the final minute when ultimate tagging angler Bruce Posthumous landed the last one seventy five. It was an appropriate ending for another epic Revillagigedo tagging adventure.

I have plenty more to relate and a wealth of photos that I suspect you will all enjoy tremendously over the next few weeks. Honestly, I can't wait to get home and share many of these shots that by far capture the essence of these voyages the best yet to date. Look for tomorrow's final report from the vessel as we arrive in Cabo San Lucas in the early a.m. We are presently heading up in fine traveling conditions reveling in the satisfaction that this extremely high profile project, that we have exerted so much effort toward developing, has again lived up to, and even exceeded our highest expectations. No doubt we have been fortunate and we are appropriately grateful for the opportunity to share our vision with this extraordinary group of individuals.

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