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The ultimate ending of a flat calm ride all the way to the Cape was the final touch to another exceptional Revillagigedo tagging voyage. After a full day of reveling, reflection, and I dare say consumption, the festive atmosphere escalated to an all out party by evening. Spirits were soaring as anglers enjoyed the smooth ride and appreciated the knowledge that they were part of more than just a successful fishing voyage.

To participate in this project is an unforgettable experience that creates a category of satisfaction completely unique to this visionary concept. I have attempted to describe the sentiment many times now and told myself that this time I wouldn't for dread of seeming the overzealous salesman. Suffice to say that it is real. The tangible evidence is walking and talking in the form of now over one hundred ecstatic individuals who are part of this special fraternity. These voyages are an unmatched opportunity to legally fish, unrestricted within the Revillagigedo Marine Biosphere Reserve while advancing the knowledge of this amazing environment. They are an opportunity that no angler who enjoys targeting and catching trophy yellowfin tuna should miss. There is no sacrifice involved. There is enlightenment, satisfaction, and enjoyment beyond measure. Six consecutive voyages haven't changed my perspective yet. In fact, I am more convinced. I sincerely hope that all who are able will join us in 2010 or 2011 on one of these incredible adventures. You will not regret it.

Before signing off today it is statistics time to validate the effort and provide evidence of the incredible caliber of the action anglers experienced throughout this voyage.

Numbers of fish tagged and released are as follows:

Yellowfin Tuna over 200 pounds - 12
Yellowfin Tuna from 150-199 pounds - 67
Yellowfin Tuna from 100-150 pounds - 112
Yellowfin Tuna from 50-99 pounds - 340
Yellowfin Tuna from 25-49 pounds - 30
Wahoo - 79

As reported yesterday I have a wealth of epic images to share beginning this afternoon. I will be taking the express route while Captain Brian Sims pilots Royal Star up the line on the final leg of the journey. Reports, special thanks, and photos will continue tomorrow. Prepare to be amazed by these shots over the next few weeks. They are incredible.

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