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Before I describe any photos, I must express appropriate gratitude and recognition to Inter- American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) Senior Scientist Kurt Schaefer, IATTC scientist Dan Fuller, and Sr. Gabriel Aldana from Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Pesca (INP) for their tireless efforts in the support of the Revillagigedo tagging project. Without a doubt, these voyages would not have realized consistent success were it not for the support and participation of these exceptional scientists. The data on yellowfin tuna movements and behaviors within and beyond the Revillagigedo reserve and how they utilize their environment has thus far proven to be an invaluable component to the overall understanding of yellowfin tuna in the Eastern Tropical Pacific With a fantastic recapture rate of archival tags from every tagging voyage to date, our combined efforts to successfully deploy tags in healthy specimens continues to be validated by every measure. I also wish to acknowledge IATTC director Dr. Guillermo Compean who has supported this project from the beginning as prior director of INP and continues now as Director of the IATTC. Without Dr. Compean's diplomatic and administrative support the Revillagigedo tagging project would not have come to be and would not continue.

Finally, all the participating anglers deserve huge credit for embarking on this voyage that is such a vast departure from the normal long range routine. These progressive individuals have proven that a combination of the scientific and sport fishing communities for the advancement of knowledge and understanding is a viable opportunity with exceptional benefits. Who knows what the future may bring? No doubt the template for a completely different world of ideas and options has been provided by these angler ' s support and efforts. Our sincerest thank you to everyone involved in this project from the beginning. We look forward to many more such projects in the future. Participating anglers on the February 2009 Revillagigedo tagging voyage are as follows:

Mike McHatton
Bruce Posthumous
Nick Furjanick
Ross Petersen
Stuart Exall
Jeff Tedmori
Jou Tedmori
Rodney Sharp
Ken Volk
Doug Taylor
Floyd Abbot
Jan Abbot
Don Franks
Scott Brickell
Dave Hall
Doug hall

Thank you all again for a fantastic voyage!

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