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As Rodney had the honors yesterday, it is only appropriate that Ken Volk is featured today. First of all I, and certainly almost every angler on the February Revilla tagging voyage, am very grateful for Ken's contribution of numerous cases of delicious wine that he produces and markets under his name. In addition to being generous, Ken introduced many anglers to the fine points of wine tasting and/or consumption and the festive atmosphere brought about by the shared camaraderie of such occasions. For those individuals who enjoy fine wine, I would highly recommend you try the Ken Volk brand. I am far from an expert but Randy most certainly is and gave a few of Ken's varietals high marks. Returning to my opening comment, Ken Volk and Rodney Sharp are good friends that have shared the rail on many fishing voyages over many years. The two make a great team and complimented this latest voyage with their passion for fishing, colorful dialogue, and easy going nature whatever the occasion. Thanks again to Ken for the fantastic wine and participation in the Revillagigedo tagging project. I look forward to the next adventure!


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