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O.K. back to fishing! Today's photos feature an extraordinary angler I had the pleasure to meet on the latest voyage. At fifteen years old, I was thoroughly impressed not only with Jeff Tedmori's skill set. Jeff's demeanor and composure is of a maturity level much greater than one would expect. I have to say that his limitless enthusiasm did somewhat betray his age however especially when it was ten p.m. and he was still going strong angling for night jacks and scooping flying fish and tube mackerel under the lights. Regardless of these antics that reminded much of my first time experiencing the Revillagigedo Islands, Jeff was all business when it came to targeting giant yellowfin. This was demonstrated time and again beginning the first afternoon with his two twenty seven and continuing through the last minute of fishing time. From what I gather talking with Jeff's dad throughout the voyage this young man breathes, eats, and sleeps fishing. He kind of reminds me of someone else when he was young.

One last thing, Jeff, if you are reading this, the miniature fishing pole you left behind became an instant hit with my four year old son Duke when he spied it on the boat Sunday. He took it to preschool for sharing yesterday and refuses to let it out of his sight. The long and short of it is that I'll have to reimburse you for it the next time we see each other; perhaps at the show on Friday or Saturday. One thing is certain. Taking it away from Duke at this point is hardly an option. Thanks for riding with us and I hope we have a long future of fishing together.


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