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We're off and again underway on the annual Braid Products six day adventure with Captain Randy Toussaint and I both on board keeping the operation tight, consistent, and smooth as we continue along with our busy schedule that now features six and seven day adventures through the beginning of October. As I mentioned yesterday, the time to discover a fresh offshore zone has arrived. As such we are heading south with a game plan tomorrow that includes looking and more looking. Preferably the plan will include a good amount of finding, catching, and plenty of action as we are in the market for a good start that will line up a variety of options for our next move. So the challenge is set forth and we are up to it ready to get down to business at daylight and commence the search.

I do feel that prospects are favorable as we have a pretty good picture beginning to develop from the cooperative efforts of our group transiting up, down, and through during the past couple of weeks. At the very least I can tell everyone that we have a solid handle on many places not to look and that information is equally important to the effort when we fan out in the quest for new areas of fish. We will see. At present I am feeling optimistic with a good weather forecast and this phenomenal crew of fishermen on the mast and the bridge looking tomorrow. One thing certain is that we could not be better positioned for success between the veteran Royal Star crew looking, the collective efforts of five vessels working together to get on them, and this fantastic group of anglers that are well prepared and ready for action.

Finally, I want to mention that the 2010 - 2011 Royal Star brochure and schedule is completed and due to be mailed in the upcoming week. In addition, Capt. Brian Sims will make a run or two up north to hand deliver plenty of copies to tackle shops for any and all anglers not on our mailing list wishing to view our new schedule and pricing. As we all understand thus far 2009 has been a challenging year in just about every business and it is no secret that three significant factors have resulted in widespread price reductions and discounting throughout the sport fishing industry. Between a significant decrease in demand for fishing trips, recent expansion of the fleet, and an unanticipated decrease in the cost of diesel fuel, long range fishermen are benefiting from aggressive competition between vessels for customers in the form of lower prices.

The silver lining in this equation is that Royal Star anglers win as our all inclusive pricing will remain unchanged for 2010 and Winter 2011, and on select voyages is reduced offering some incredible values to veteran and prospective Royal Star anglers. In challenging economic times it is our intention to pass through any reduced costs to anglers in the form of stable or, in some cases, lower pricing. It is our way of saying thank you to Royal Star anglers who have supported our operation over the past fourteen years with incredible loyalty. Rest assured as well that the quality of our product, meaning the complete experience that anglers receive on all Royal Star voyages, will remain consistent with our determination to uphold the apex standard of long range fishing steadfast and unchanged. Long range anglers will not find better, or in my admittedly biased opinion, even equal experience, dedication, fish handling, and ability among crewmen than what is routinely presented on Royal Star. The most compelling testament to our superior operation is the consistent support and colossal percentage of anglers who choose Royal Star for their long range voyages again and again. We are sincerely grateful for it and pledge our commitment to upholding, and improving the standards you all expect from our operation.

Last but not least today's photo features one last shot from the Mike Ross five day voyage with angler Bob Anderson taking the honors. I have to say that the choice of tackle may have been questionable for Guadalupe class yellowfin tuna as he definitely had a run for his money in this battle that ultimately, perhaps better said amazingly, resulted in triumph for Bob. Congratulations Bob on a great catch and thanks for your good sense of humor while enduring the friendly ribbing about your bass/tuna rod. Look for reports to continue.

Tim Ekstrom

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