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Well I almost blundered it completely but thankfully recognized the pattern before it was too late. With the help of my crew up top and on the mast we found a couple of afternoon kelps that weren't exactly day makers but definitely were day savers in this case. Actually the day began right with some action on a good kelp right out of the gates, but that was the end of it for about seven hours as kelps were few and far between and the ones we did find were not productive. Had I known then what I know now the morning zig I made would have been a zag that would probably have resulted in a better catch at day's end - probably. These are the questions and scenarios that continually torment us fishermen who inherently believe that it is or would have been better somewhere else about ninety five percent of the time. Even when we are getting them this perpetual notion troubles us. Especially when fishing among the fleet where competition is friendly but fierce.

Regardless of today's results, that ultimately included a few good hits for fifty five nice dorado and just over thirty 18 - 35# offshore yellowfin tuna, it would have been nearly impossible to make a bad day of it as the weather was epic for offshore looking. The slow portion of the day was taken in stride by anglers who enjoyed the fine weather and on deck camaraderie while waiting for us to get our act together topside. I can report with confidence that in the end a good time was had by all.

Now it is time for bigger and better things however as we head for the outside island hoping for a big change to have occurred. It is no secret that Guadalupe has been less than paradise during the past week as the trophy yellowfin action ground to a halt and the local great whites stepped up their campaign of terror. The ocean's ability to completely transform overnight, and our ability to make due if it does not, is the optimistic foundation we are working from. I can't tell all of you how many times over the years that I have witnessed and/or participated in phenomenal catches being made in areas that were completely dead the day before. It is the nature of fishing. Sometimes you just have to go. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Regardless we are taking our shot at Guadalupe tomorrow hoping to find changed conditions and an up day when the trophy yellowfin are in the biting mood. We are well prepared to make the most of it if they do with a group of anglers presently fine tuned to the opportunity this incredible island offers.

Today's photo features one of those extraordinary Royal Star anglers with whom I share many good memories from many good times together on Royal Star. Actually the photo features his wife Sheri and one of her kelp paddy dorado taken in the midst of our most productive stop of the day. Corbett Wright, who is the angler featured alongside Sheri, did us the huge favor of convincing her to make a Royal Star voyage with him as opposed to sending him off this time with good wishes. After fishing with Corbett for many years and becoming friends, I am very glad for the opportunity to fish with both him and Sheri who is a pleasure on board and right at home among the guys having a great time fishing and enjoying the open ocean. In reading this I hope that maybe a few more of you guys will take note and bring your gals along with you sometime. Between the incredible, totally unique sights and fishing experiences on a long range vessel there is nothing in the world to compare. And, I guarantee that they will be well attended to by all of us. Enjoy the photo and look for tomorrow's report.


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