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Well we added a tremendous amount of color to the catch today rounding out the trip in the variety department with a couple of quick drifts on delicious bottom fish to the delight of all, but to the special delight of John Chiang, Derek Chan, and Jeff Liu, who will be enjoying the perfect "steamer" fish with their families tomorrow. The delight was also particularly enjoyed today in the form of an outstanding fresh fish taco spread prepared by Chef Jeffery Grant that could not be topped for freshness or flavor. We do not typically include this option as part of our fishing routine, but every once in awhile the final move just happens to line up for us to take advantage of the opportunity to fish for something completely outside our standard realm. As such we genuinely enjoy this chance to catch something different that comes our way only so often.

The ultimate finishing touch was near perfect traveling weather with gentle sea conditions dominant and forecast to continue in the upper zone for at least the next couple of days. For those anglers on the upcoming voyage do not fret over the small, tropical storm Marty brewing to the northwest of Cabo San Lucas. The comparatively small tropical cyclone will not reach the zone you will be fishing during the next voyage and if anything will likely produce warm, calm, balmy weather for your voyage up above.

So we finish this voyage with a fine, well rounded catch that includes the coveted three categories we strive to achieve on all of our adventures. Quality, sufficient quantity, and variety. All three were certainly accomplished this voyage though none of them came easy. With the exception of yesterday's crazy, wide open yellowtail action anglers had to work for their bites, and earned their accomplishments through perseverance and consistent effort. Our gratitude to all for their good humor and patience exercised throughout the trip. Also, our most gracious thanks to Dennis Braid who headed up this voyage as charter master to the advantage of us all. Dennis is a wealth of knowledge, brings along a ton of useful products for anglers to utilize, and is a fantastic, considerate, attentive angler to share the rail with. Again special thanks to Dennis for being a integral part of this voyage's success. Now Captain Randy Toussaint continues the schedule departing tomorrow on our annual North County Firefighters six day voyage. Prospects are still solid and don't be surprised to see Guadalupe get straightened out and produce more fantastic catches on trophy yellowfin in upcoming weeks. Otherwise there are still plenty of good options offshore and all along the inside so look forward to Randy's reports to come.

Photos of the day feature anglers Greg Welsh in classic form pulling on a Guadalupe yellowfin and long time Royal Star angler John Oross in action during yesterday's afternoon ripper on yellowtail.

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