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Following a short, planned, one day stint at the dock to address the usual small but significant projects that arise during three months of steady running, we are back at it departing in the late morning with a perfect load of premium sardines and an eager group of anglers ready to get started. Seven days is the time frame and prospects are encouraging with a wide variety of options to build a trip featuring the big three - variety, quality, and sufficient quantity. Of course there are a million variables to consider, and plenty of tricks Mother Nature is harboring for those pivotal deciding moments, but we are prepared for such and will be passing our first day pushing south in search mode for flotsam and any other sign of offshore fish. Good weather is forecast to grace the effort and promises to make an enjoyable, comfortable day of it at the very least. All is well here and spirits are high as we begin this Baja Fish Gear/Larry Brown seven day voyage pleased to be back out on the water. Look for daily updates to resume and have a fine Sunday.

Tim Ekstrom

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