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Well whatever I was divining in the way of big fish certainly didn't happen today. Man were we out of sync. So much so that it is a good thing I have several photos of triumph to draw on from yesterday - because we caught nothing today. Not from a lack of sign, and not from a lack of effort. There are plenty, in all size ranges, to be had. But finding the right zone, and a spot of biters, proved to be too great a task for me today. Simply put, it was our day in the barrel. True to form, on the rare day I suffer such a fate, I don't go half way.

Now for the good news. The weather is epic; flat calm. The forecast indicates at least two more days of such conditions. The anglers, who easily could have succumbed to pity or discontent, did not. Everyone took the slow day in stride, enjoyed the weather, and remained confident that our time will come. With four full days remaining, we are still on the favorable side of the equation. So as far as predictions are concerned today I'd just as soon avoid any notions whatsoever. Tomorrow is a new day. And everything that could possibly be in our favor is manifest. Every once in a while a grounding event is necessary to build character and provide perspective. A big slice of humble pie goes a long way to this effect. For me anyway.

Photo honors go to Miles Redman with his personal best to date, a 155, coming over the rail. Also, Dan Esmay, who handled his incredibly robust 263 like the old pro he is on Royal Star. An exemplary job was done by both anglers who shared the triumph with all of us, then headed right back to the rail. Look for more news, and I hope a better disposition from this author, tomorrow.


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