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A few bright moments early set us in the right frame of mind then the action quickly changed to all show and no go as the big fish again lurked, crashed, and dashed around the boat without so much as skinning a bait carrying a hook. It made for a long day.

Not that there was any suffering going on, between the grease calm weather, fine company, and fine fixings from Chef Drew Rivera, we all made a good time of it. But no doubt it would have been better, much better, if even a small percentage of the fish that teased us with incredible skill had provided some action. The reality of it is that this pattern has been well established. One day on, two days off. Two days on, one day off. Three days off, one day on; and so forth. What it comes down to is time, effort, skill, timing, and of course that ever important component that plays a pivitol role in every successful catch - luck; good luck that is.

So we head into day four continuing to feel optimistic though I have to admit my confidence got hammered yesterday. Missing out on a big hit is never enjoyed, and something I will never become accustomed to. I do recognize the mathematical certainty of such occasions however and begrudgingly accept that they can not be avoided altogether. Looking forward the big picture is still bright with plenty to fish for, epic weather, and a highly motivated group of superb anglers ready to mete out some justice when the opportunity does come. And it will. Our present focus is still on trophies but we are not above boating any of those mid rangers if they happen along.

Photo of the day belongs to long range veteran Clyde Smith who finally prevailed after a couple of missed chances at giants with this 210# yellowfin. This trophy paled in comparison to Clyde's 336# landed last year with Captain Brian Sims at the helm of Royal Star, but after two mis steps early this voyage, the victory was no less sweet.
Congratulations to Clyde on this catch and we hope there are many more to come.


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