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Upon return I was informed that several of the daily reports I diligently authored and sent in timely order did not make the web site on the day, and some not for several days, after they were sent. In addition, apparently the sequential order was mixed up and needed some rearranging. The good news is that all is now in order. If you haven't already determined it for yourself, those who were following the voyage details can now scroll back a few days and fill in the gaps.

Just to reiterate the message sent in yesterday's posting, Royal Star is at the dock through Friday the 22nd when Captain Toussaint departs on the annual Braid fifteen day bound for the lower banks and what I confidently predict will be another very good round of giant yellowfin tuna action. Tracy, Randy, Brian, and I will be available all week in the office. If you have any questions about the voyage Friday, or any other topic of interest, now is a great time to call and talk shop. In the meantime have a fine week and look for reports to continue on Randy's voyage departing Friday.

Tim Ekstrom

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