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Traveling up today in flat calm weather our anglers broke down their gear and relaxed with movies or out on deck in the sun. Stories were being told and pictures shown of the fish we caught and the ones that escaped. All in all it was a great day to relax after fishing hard.

I had the time to reflect on the trip and how successful it was. How we started out catching medium grade tuna for action. That allowed every angler onboard to get bites, put some fish onboard and ensure they had plenty of fish to take home. Once everyone had fish and the pressure was off of our anglers, we went after trophies. We put in our time looking and had a banner day to finish the trip. All of this in good weather which just plain makes everything more fun. It worked out to be a well rounded fishing trip with both quantity and quality.

If you are on an upcoming trip, conditions still look very good down below. Bring your 60, 80, 100, and 130 two speed rigs. Most of the big fish were caught flylining sardines. If you have not yet pulled the trigger and booked a trip, we have a few spaces available on our 15 day which leaves Jan. 22. The opportunity to experience this world class tuna fishing is just a phone call away.

For our friends in NoCal here's Robert "Hot Bobby" Hirsch all smiles with his 240.

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