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A placid day on the water that yielded decent action though overall the pace was much slower than one would imagine given the amount of fish we observed. We missed on a few opportunities at jumbos, landed one at 190, and claimed victory over about forty other yellowfin tuna mixed in size from twenty five to one hundred ten pounds. Needless to say our enthusiasm for the smaller fish was measured at best, but thankfully they only flashed us once or twice in the morning making way for straight 50 - 100# fish throughout the afternoon. Naturally we would love to see action on straight cows, but these fish fit the bill just fine for the beginning of the voyage providing anglers with the chance to find their groove with a few bites and some good jerkin and pullin. With the sign of fish around, potential for jumbos, flat calm weather, and a few in the hatch, we have no call to complain. In fact, the day any of us complains about catching fifty to one hundred pound tuna is a day we deserve a good dressing down - especially on a voyage of twelve days.

So we are satisfied with the beginning though admittedly our sights are set on the road ahead, and the presently unaccounted for significant quantity of giant yellowfin observed at various intervals down here during the past two months. Rest assured they are around. We know it, we feel it, and are dead set on rooting them out sometime during the next six days. With a handful of us working to find them, we are spread out in an effort to cover all bases. Our forecast promises the weather necessary for an effective search so it is up to us, and of course the fish, to get it done. Look for reports to continue.

Photo's of the day feature angler John Snider who took big fish honors with his morning 190 he made short work of on the right tackle. I have to say that his success was a perfect example of how efficient the use of a harness is when brawling with giant yellowfin. Ideally, a combination of using the rail when mobility is necessary, and a harness when the fish settles in is a winning formula for the vast majority of anglers. John's battle was exemplary and hopefully one of many to come.


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