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Change is in the wind. As we roll past the first quarter and the weather remains ideal, we had a glimpse today, a taste if you will, of bigger and better things to come. In fact, bigger is now thrust of our efforts as the mid range size fish are prolific, eager, and threatening to consume too much of our available hold space at the present clip they are embarking.

This was a good day of fishing that was akin to the big fish action of days old when a few bruisers are mixed in the masses of their smaller brethren requiring anglers to gear up and weed through hoping that their lucky number would eventually be called. Most important in these circumstances is resisting the temptation to gear down and stick with the big guns as three big boys that weighed 332, 263, and 255 surprised attacked during the action as well as a couple more of their friends that won their freedom.

Without the time to get wordy today, suffice to say we are very encouraged by the signs and are geared up for tomorrow. There is going to be some very good big fish action here over the next few days. I can feel it.

For our photo congratulations to Jeff Crouse who battled an exploded reel with no anti-reverse during the final twenty feet to triumph over his three hundred thirty two pound fish of a lifetime. It was an incredible fish story that I will have to share later. Suffice to say it took all of our wits, and brute strength, to overcome a colossal hurdle that easily could, and probably should, have cost Jeff his massive trophy. Thank goodness it didn't. Again our congratulations to Jeff who did an outstanding job of landing his trophy from beginning to finish.


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