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Not a whole lot to report today as we punch our way north in what so far has been a consistently unpleasant sea condition. I know I have already mentioned it, but if there is ever an occasion to emphasize the potential negatives in riding the boat home from Cabo, this is it. In fact, for a change of pace in the photo department today I will send a special series for all of you to enjoy. I would not characterize this weather as anything other than sloppy and uncomfortable, but it did make for a few decent photos from the bridge.

Otherwise the trek continues with another full day of continuing joy in the forecast. Fortunately we got a good jump in the beginning so we are on schedule for our 0900 arrival at Fisherman's Landing on the 24th. With no fish to tangle with it should be a swift unloading then, not being the types to let the grass grow underfoot, we will proceed directly to Driscoll boatyard to haul out Royal Star for our annual hull inspection and maintenance.

We have some distance to travel before then, and plenty more photos to share, so look for reports to continue tomorrow and beyond. Enjoy your day and be glad you are not here.


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