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Apparently some wires got crossed out on the deep blue and the last photos posted of Phil Bruce were actually duplicates of Warren Sakamoto. We got it straightened out yesterday so the correct photos are up. As I mentioned we are beach bound for the next couple of weeks. Randy, Brian, and I will be around the waterfront attending to a few small projects on Royal Star as well as joining Tracy in the office. I want to encourage any and all of you with inquiries about trips, equipment, fishing, fishing prospects, or anything else to give us a call. We will be available and look forward to the opportunity to "talk shop" during this period of down time.

In addition to a few Royal Star projects, Randy and I will be working with Sean Sebring on the final details of Fisherman's Processing. As of now we are ready for business with only a few bureaucratic blessings to go before we are fully operational. Needless to say we are fired up about the new service that will be a huge bonus to Royal Star anglers, as well as the entire long range community. Faster same day turn times, relief for some of the inevitable congestion at the dock on days when multiple long range vessels arrive, improved customer service driven by free market competition, and a brand new fish processing facility that is certain to wow customers with a location and surrounding activities ushers in a whole new era for San Diego sport fish processing customers. We are very enthusiastic about the upcoming season. Especially during the first few months, Randy and I will be in the mix with Sean with our sleeves rolled up helping out in any and every way possible. Prior to the upcoming season, if any anglers would like to visit and tour the new facility, I can not encourage you enough to call us at the Royal Star office (619-224-4764). It would be our pleasure to host you.

Photos of the day feature a couple of action shots of the big man Steve Kimbrough, and the dynamic duo to Len Cunningham and Tom Cahillane. All in a day's work, these men were unstoppable in the catching department. We were glad for it as every occasion calls for pacesetters. Look for photos to continue tomorrow and beyond.


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