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Well today is the first official opening of Fisherman's Processing as we receive fish from a returning long ranger this morning. I will send a few photos tomorrow updating the progress. Otherwise we are in a holding pattern on Royal Star anxiously awaiting the time when we get up and running full time again. Little projects are being addressed on the boat, but all in all she is ready as ever to begin a new season. On the office side Capt. Brian Sims will be manning the helm for a few days. It is a fantastic time to call and talk fishing if you are inclined. Whatever the topic (fishing related of course), Brian is about as personable and knowledgeable as they come. Give him a call this week if you have the time.

Photos today feature anglers Bob Yokoi and Dave Hall enjoying a serene moment on the bow of Royal Star in the flat calm lee side of Isla Socorro. Both men were pulling on bigger yellowfin when I snapped this photo that perfectly captures the beauty of the total Revillagigedo tagging experience. The ability to tuck up against the island counts for a lot, especially when the weather is blustery on the outside. The next couple of photos feature Chef Drew Rivera a.k.a. "Griddle Jockey" who most of you know is quite the fisherman. When Drew first began working with us four years prior he would occasionally head to the rail during slow times and almost always hook something in short order. It didn't take long for us to recognize that it was not a coincidence.

All kidding and name calling aside Drew is almost as exceptional a fisherman as he is a chef - almost. As demonstrated in today's photos, it just so happened that Drew drew the lucky hand dropping a bait in his secret spot (the bow) right on top of this 236 during our visit to Roca Partida. Luck of the draw or otherwise he made short work of this beauty then returned to the inferno to resume preparation of a spectacular evening meal service. Although without question the galley crew of Chef's Drew Rivera and Jeff Grant have the most difficult job on Royal Star, especially in tough weather, there are a few perks unique to the position. The photos of Chef Rivera, Capt. Brian Sims, and yours truly do a fine job of demonstrating a strength of the occupation, for a fisherman anyway.

Tim Ekstrom

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