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Last week I mentioned that I would reveal details of how the addition of Fisherman's Processing will work into the system on Royal Star. As all anglers who have fished Royal Star understand our first priority, when it comes to your catch, is to send you home with the highest quality product possible. This was accomplished with professional consistency in the past, and will remain the standard looking ahead. On that note I want all Royal Star anglers, and everyone else reading, to understand that the addition of Fisherman's Processing was in no way motivated by anything other than our desire to expand fish processing options for all long range anglers, improve same day turn times so more anglers take advantage of and realize the premium quality product we work to achieve, and offer a first class processing facility for anglers to utilize. It was a business motivated decision foremost, but in no way was the addition of Fisherman's Processing motivated by anything onerous between us and Five Star or Sportsman's Seafood.

By this time I suspect that just about everyone is aware of the close relationship between Randy and I, and the owners of Five Star Andy and Sarah Saraspe. We put forth tremendous effort and support for Andy and Sarah's business, especially in the beginning, and share a history of over twenty five years as friends. We are still friends, and still support their business. Their friendship is important to us. Though we are now competitors in the fish processing business, we are still friends. We see it as very similar to how we are at sea with our fellow long range Captains. We are all individuals of character and integrity who have genuine affection for one another that transcends business. Though we fiercely compete for customers, and catches of fish at sea, we are still friends that would go to any length to help one another at any time. That is how we intend to operate moving forward with Five Star. So our message to any rabble rousers seeking drama and discord on the fish processing side of things is this. Sorry, there isn't any; and won't be on account of Royal Star. Anglers who choose to use Five Star will be supported, and their product will be handled with the objective of maintaining premium quality throughout the process.

On Royal Star we will now meet the boat with Fisherman's Processing totes dockside. Five Star fish will be separated into carts, then handed off to Five Star for sorting and placement into totes at the top of the dock. Sarah will now complete orders at the top of the dock as opposed to on board Royal Star, consistent with how they receive product from all other long range vessels. Anglers on Royal Star electing to use Five Star for their processing will simply mark their tags in red ink. Those fish will then be easily identified during unloading and sorted accordingly. We'll see how it goes. As this is all new, there will likely be a few points we need to fine tune. As we have discovered from much past experience however, it isn't too complicated.

I want to be completely forthright and again announce that we will ask for Royal Star customers to support our new endeavor, market the tremendous benefit of our new processing operation, and do our best to convince/persuade anglers to give us a try. All anglers electing to use Fisherman's Processing will be offered a one time, 10% discount on all processing and smoking services. I would encourage anglers to visit the Fisherman's Processing facility on their way to the landing for a quick tour. It is right on the way, easy to get to, and worth a look. The facility honestly speaks for itself and is a reflection of Sean Sebring's dedication to the endeavor and vast knowledge of fish handling. I believe that everyone who visits the brand new facility will understand that the new service, if even a close comparison to the facility itself, is worth a try.

Photos today are of an incredible fisherman and individual Len Cunningham releasing one of his hundreds of yellowfin tuna and counting in the name of science. Simply said, if I can live to be like Len, who at seventy eight years young out fishes and outlasts even the most formidable youngsters, I will attain my goal of good health, good spirits, and sound character. Len is quite a man, whom I value the opportunity to share time with on board Royal Star.

The final photo is an inside joke that all should enjoy nevertheless. Here they are Andy. Daphne and Lucy - the next generation of Royal Star canines.

Enjoy the day


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