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Our gratitude to a great group of anglers on the weekend two day that made a good voyage of it in challenging conditions. This group demonstrated in every respect that a good trip is defined by much more than just fishing; or better said, just catching. The one constant, on any fishing trip we embark upon, is that the catching is not guaranteed. Fortunately, the significant majority of the time the fishing is defined by success. But there are those times when it just doesn't come together. In those times, individuals character really shines. In the case of the latest weekend two day, the glare was blinding. Tough conditions, and cagey yellowtail that were extremely reluctant to bite tested everyone's skills and patience, but the guys plugged away at it, enticed a few to come over the rail, and made the ride as comfortable as possible by taking full advantage of the island lee at every opportunity; especially at night for dinner service and anchoring - flat calm; safe haven. Again our thanks to a great group of anglers who toughed it out, got to know our guys and operation, and made a good time of it in the process. We sincerely hope for the opportunity to fish with all of you again!

For our photos today I am sending a collage of shots featuring both fish and fishing. I like all of these shots but my favorite is of the bow action during one of the many hot bites we experienced during the latest Revillagigedo tagging voyage. 120# class tuna up on the surface, lines seemingly everywhere, bent rods all around, and everyone is calm as can be. After the first few rounds everyone gets settled in and get down to business. That is just how we like it. We call it "production mode". Enjoy today's shots and look for this trend to continue for one final week before we are up and running with photos and reports of current Royal Star action.

Tim Ekstrom

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We woke up this morning in the calm lee of South Coronado Island and headed out in search of spots of yellows. It took a little looking today to get in the right area, but once we found them there was no shortage of fish. We chased schools for a couple of biters in breezy conditions. With the fish not responding well to our offerings and the weather deteriorating, we headed back in to the shelter of the Island to see what we could come up with in calmer conditions. The local population of sea lions quickly shut down any thoughts of landing a fish so we headed for the coast. After a five drifts on the beach for no halibut bites we called it a trip and headed for the barn. We unloaded a happy group of anglers whose catch was filleted, packaged in ziploc bags, and iced to ensure a premium product for the table.

We will be heading out on Friday for eight days with Capt. Ekstrom at the helm.


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