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Scratch albacore fishing all day combined for a respectable total in the end. Good weather, and plenty of action throughout occupied and entertained although there continues to be a maddening number of attempts that confound our best efforts. All I can say is that there is going to be some hell to pay when these albacore finally drop their guard anytime I am around.

So, with a catching instinct only placated by today's results, we are ready to give it our all again tomorrow, seeking to finish up the trip on a high note. If the fishing matched today's action, we would plenty satisfied. But, honestly, we are hoping for a lot more. Thus far the fishing has been just good enough to whet our appetite. A grand finale, where the fish bite with any kind of abandon would fit the bill perfectly. Without frowning on today's 105 albacore and 6 bluefin in the least, we are hoping to really clobber them tomorrow. And mind you while I moan and snivel about not loading up easy, our anglers are having a fantastic time. Fortunately most individuals do not suffer the "just over the next hill" curse I and so many fisherman are afflicted with.

The camera was finally liberated today capturing two images of our quarry and their conquerors. Ann Van Dyke, whom many of you recognize as the familiar, friendly voice in the Royal Star office with Tracy, landed the fish of the day, a forty pound albacore, during a late evening stop. Capt. Brian Sims does the gaffing honors for angler Bob Vogelsang and his 35# bluefin tuna.


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