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It was another one of those mornings that elicited an early bailout as we recognized that regardless of the amount of fish we were seeing, we weren't going to get the job done where we were. And so began another long search that produced various short stops on uncooperative bluefin tuna and other attempts on kelps. Not a lot of excitement to report until about 1800 when we found one kelp that rousted anglers from their slumber with good action on 15 - 20# yellowtail.

It was a quick hit, producing only seventeen fish, but again I extol the virtue of relative success. When you have nothing, a little something becomes significant; those 17 yellows, and the twenty minutes we fished from a stopped boat , had a palpable effect on morale. The fish crashed around, ate a few surface jigs, and hit us a couple of times; one in particular that saw eight or ten anglers hooked up at once. The atmosphere on board was transformed from angst and anxiety to hope and relief. Isn't fishing great? Although I struggle with the grief of inevitable defeat when the odds come around, I am driven to no end by the boundless gratification of success. I frequently recall a thought shared with me in my younger years by my good friend and huge mentor Jack Webster, who now heads AAFA (American Albacore Fishing Association), and fishes pole and line for albacore in the North Pacific. Jack expressed his love for fishing, actually the act of catching fish, as the second best thing in life. I agree. I'll leave it up to you all to decide the context. There are times however, albeit a rare few in my world, when I have to admit it can be a toss up.

On a different note, I have a love affair with a new reel that I have to recommend as the finest in it's size class I have ever seen. I am going to get not just one, but two, one for me, and one for my son Duke, as fast as possible. As always, Shimano is at the forefront. The new Trinidad 14A is perfection. For live bait fishing a sardine or anchovy with fifteen to forty pound test, or casting a swim bait or new Shimano "wax wing", no better reel has ever been produced. It is that good. You all know that I don't hang my hat on every latest trend or gimmick that comes along. I've seen plenty come, and plenty appropriately go. The new Trinidad 14A is not just a home run; it is a season winning grand slam. For an angler looking to upgrade their arsenal I can not recommend this reel highly enough. As always Shimano is on the ball. We endorse and use their products for good reason. The newest addition to the Trinidad line is a perfect example of why.

Photo of the day features the man himself, Todd Phillips, with the results of the new Shimano combo. Using the Trinidad 14A and a "Wax Wing" lure, Todd subdued this 20# class yellowtail in short order. In addition I am including a couple of shots of the lure and reel so you all get a measure of the dimensions. What a rig. I can't wait to catch a few myself tomorrow and report accordingly.

Tim Ekstrom

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