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It is difficult to say for certain, because we can never be in two places at once, but my fishing instinct yesterday nagged me into believing that a morning zig instead of a zag cost us some opportunities. Of course we will never know. It very well could be my imagination working overtime. It does seem consistent that the majority of fishermen regularly torture themselves with the notion that if they aren't loading up, or even sometimes when they are loading up, that it is better, or could be better somewhere else.

Regardless of my sufferings we made an afternoon of it offshore in beautiful weather. Today's theme was typical for bluefin that have earned their reputation as the most challenging tuna to target for good reason. Numerous spots were found and attempted throughout the afternoon that produced plenty of excitement and anticipation - all the way up to the catching part of the equation. We did have a few stops where they stuck around and yielded a handful or two, but the majority were far more interested in extending the suspense by continuing their crashing and jumping while ignoring our baits. Typical bluefin.

It was a fine day for offshore fishing, and we saw plenty of fish, but by the end of it we were ready to try our hand elsewhere. Looking for a change of pace we are relocating tonight in search of something that shows more interest in biting tomorrow. We have a fair foundation to work with, plenty of time, and the drive to make it happen. It sounds like things are beginning to wake up on the albacore grounds above so we are looking forward to a little better cooperation from our quarry moving forward.

Photos today feature a handful of anglers enjoying one of the hot and heavy afternoon moments when the bluefin dropped their guard and gave us a few shots. And, long time Royal Star veteran Dave Bookin happy to display the thirty pound size average of the bluefin landed yesterday and today. Look for tomorrow's reports with further details.

Tim Ekstrom

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