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Well this certainly is different. Departing on a voyage with several promising offshore prospects and an ocean that appears to finally be coming around. Wow, how refreshing. As it is shaping up, the albacore seem to have simply taken a leave of absence disappearing, save for a few here and a few there, over the past couple of weeks. Typical albacore. This pattern is so familiar that it should not be a surprise. It never ceases to amaze however. The fact that the ocean can present such a bleak outlook; a set of conditions and lack of fish that creates near despair and disillusion, then, in one or two days completely transform from a barren desert to a lush taiga. It is incredible - no matter how many times we are witness to the transformation.

It is also an incredible relief. In my world there is nothing better than summer offshore fishing where we are targeting quality albacore and tuna with a high ratio of success. Not that we are there yet, we have this, and plenty more trips yet to come. But, the last couple of days offshore have done wonders for our confidence. The albacore are here. And it is only a matter of time before they let down their guard and really get to chomping. Rest assured that with every resource at our disposal aligned we will be on them when it happens. I can't wait as I definitely have a score to settle.

So today we depart on our annual "Pelagic Fish Survey" with a fantastic group of individuals boasting an impressive background in fisheries science. The Humboldt Fishin Lumberjacks group assembles annually to head offshore with the sole purpose of "collecting" samples for consumption and enjoying the ocean from purely recreational perspective. Needless to say with our interest in fisheries science and research well known through our tagging projects, we look forward to this annual opportunity to expand our knowledge by swapping stories and information and sharing good times with the experts.

Reports will continue as we get this voyage started tomorrow in search offshore for whatever comes our way. As I mentioned, prospects are good and spirits are accordingly elevated. Let's hope tomorrow's results follow our enthusiasm. The stage is set.

Tim Ekstrom

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