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Well this is refreshing. The conclusion of day one and I don't have what has lately become the usual sob story. Recognizing that there is a time and a place for everything, we employed the long haul tactic that lead to a fine afternoon of scratching at 18 - 22# yellowtail in relatively calm conditions; the calm provided by an island lee, not the elements. Although it was far from rough on the outside, it wasn't ideal; especially for our veteran anglers who appreciate their time on the water, but appreciate it far more when it is calm. I couldn't agree more; though we take it as it comes.

Day two will see us continue the pursuit of the blessed yellowtail dead center in the triangle. Reports of good fish, in multiple areas, are steady, and again we plan to make the weather favorable. One has to love island fishing for this reason alone. On the offshore front the same news continues. The cruddy weather alone has dissuaded any adventurers from undertaking prospecting missions. And, after the past few rounds, I think most of us are relieved a solid excuse to stay away exists. As I have stated several times now - a little, or a lot, of time is needed to swings things back into the favorable category. This is one of those periods when one simply doesn't fight it.

Photos of the day feature Pfishcadora charter master Dr. Sheldon Siegel pulling on a yellowtail in fine form at the young age of 86. Of all the years I have fished with Dr. Siegel I can not recall a time when he was not up for whatever we were pursuing with a positive outlook and youthful enthusiasm for catching fish. While Dr. Siegel's professional accomplishments are vast and significant in the world of medicine, I only know him as a fisherman. As I have such colossal admiration and respect for Dr. Siegel, I observe him closely the majority of the time we are on Royal Star. All the years combined, up to yesterday fishing in the lee of Isla San Benitos, I always recognize the distinct twinkle in his eye when the fish start biting. At the rail of Royal Star, pulling on a good game fish, life is reduced to it's simplest form. It is the ultimate example of living in the moment - for a fisherman; or in this case, for Dr. Siegel. Everything in life aside, this is a man who loves to fish. I can relate.

Also featured today are the next generation who join their Grand Dad at the rail on this excursion. Now this is a legacy. I'm telling you. I know I am getting more than a little sentimental, perhaps even a little mushy, but for any family man this complete image should move you at least at some level. David and Mark Brown, grandsons of Dr. Siegel, carry the tradition forward pulling on a pair of yellows on the Royal Star bow. Fine job boys. Well done.


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