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And after the big build up - lots of fish, here we go, big opportunity, this is it - they didn't bite today, again. Oh there is no shortage of them. Rest assured the fathometer does not lie. But, despite our best efforts we hoodwinked a mere thirty of the devils before closing the book on another extremely trying day - for me anyway. The scene on deck is another story. In fact, we could not ask for a better group of anglers to enjoy a day on the water with. Good working weather set the stage as anglers settled in to the routine and whooped it up when the fish did bite for a few brief moments. To this group the cup is definitely half full. It is a good thing.

With the writing on the wall, we opted to relocate tomorrow seeking another offshore destination where what we encounter is in a more cooperative mood. How about that. In complete defiance of the age old rule "never leave fish to find fish" we move on. Though I am stoic in my acceptance of fact, I have to admit I am harboring borderline rage within. I have done a lot of fishing over the years. And I have looked at a lot of fish that do not bite. But, I struggle to recall a longer period of time when we have looked at such fantastic quantities of fish that do not even so much as even react when we find them. It is maddening. With no rhyme or reason for the scant up days when they let down their guard, it leaves one little choice other than to forge ahead and hope your day offshore is the lucky one. I have to tell you all that I do not appreciate the odds when a day's success boils down to luck. It is simply not my nature.

At present such is the fact however. So we push on satisfied as possible with the bird in hand. We are loaded with perfect bait, have a epic group of anglers intent on making a good time of whatever opportunities manifest, and three full days to get the job done. No photo's today as my consternation over not biting fish regularly leads to absentmindedness in the photography department. Honestly I wish I could get over it. It would be wonderful to just accept the situation with a sanguine disposition and consider one fish coming over the rail as good as a hundred. Don't look for that reaction from me anytime soon. Tough circumstances elicit resolve and unshakable determination in my fishing instinct. When it gets tough cheer leading is the farthest thing from my mind. Wrenching every last one of the bastards from the elements is foremost. Randy is the same. All anglers should use this revelation in deciding which vessel to ride and who they want to fish with. Do you want a Captain with pom-poms shaking on the bridge, or a fisherman with jaw set and blood in his eyes living and breathing to pummel the quarry? Give me the fisherman - naturally.

Tim Ekstrom

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