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It took almost to the end of the day to get on anything substantial. And when we did it was smiles all around as anglers were happy to stretch out their muscles and get down to what we came for. The pace was ideal, the weather was fine, the scenery was pleasant - a good beginning in every respect. With nothing to piss, moan, and complain about I hardly know what to do with myself. I'm going to have to reach for some new material.

From the sound of things offshore the mixed size class yellowfin made a pretty fair showing with a decent percentage of fish landed in the 14 - 25# range. According to information from our colleagues, who reliably evaluate and report size averages, a little less than half of what was landed were the better size fish. The remainder were keepers by the floating scale of how many days one is out, and how hungry anglers are. Believe me, the way things have been offshore over the past four weeks, there are no judgments being passed. The psychological therapy of fish coming over the rail, especially for the local guys, is too important right now.

We are keeping all options open basing our next move on what transpires tomorrow both here and there. It is a fine position to be in. That is if everything goes according to plan. In closing for the day I want to let everyone know that we have plenty of availability on a couple of upcoming voyages. The September 12th - 18th six day is wide open, as well as the 18th - 24th. Both voyages will run as scheduled and promise to offer "ultra limited" deck conditions being shy of a handful or more anglers each. This is a great opportunity to jump on a Royal Star voyage if you have the time. Signs of fish are excellent in the six day range and promise much good fishing to come. For any anglers out there hesitating to call this is an ideal time. Things are beginning to wake up, and who knows what else. Good news is forthcoming.

Photo of the day features anglers Ray Ochoa and Trevor Fulks enjoying the moment as they pull on a couple of good "yellas". Good fishing; good fun; more to come.


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