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I have to admit that time somewhat got away from me during our three day shut down that resulted in a significant number of projects completed. In preparation for the upcoming months of operation in elevated water temperatures a few of our smaller tasks grew in scope as we discovered, and resolved, a variety of pending grief. With time to throw ourselves into the challenge everything was completed and buttoned up positioning Royal Star for success in the months to come.

Now we are back to fishing with a mid morning departure on our annual Shimano sponsored ten day voyage featuring the most astounding array of provided equipment I have ever seen. There is so much top of the line gear for anglers to choose from that everyone on board easily could have left the majority percentage of their own outfits behind. Headed up by outstanding Shimano product manager Robbie Gant this voyage is an incredible example of Shimano's commitment to an unmatched level of professionalism. Of all the years I have participated in this fishery I have never seen anything to compare. I am fired up beyond words to put this massive arsenal to work.

Everything from Talica's and Trinidad's to Stella's, Curado's, and Thunnus' are perfectly matched with Terez and Trevala series rods rigged and ready on the back deck for anglers to choose and use; there are even a few top secret prototypes for anglers to abuse. As Robbie said in the morning introduction "we brought these rigs to conduct rugged field tests, they are here to be subjected to the most extreme conditions available, don't go easy on them". I hope we don't

Pushing south in zero wind and a 4 - 6 foot northwest swell we calculate and consider a variety of options to commence the fishing portion of this voyage. At least one full day of travel is promised in every option we are weighing so tomorrow will be dedicated to rigging and preparing for all our fishing to come. Meanwhile daily reports and photos will continue as we are back at it through the end of the year and beyond. Here we go.

Tim Ekstrom

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