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Captain Sims returned from the annual Kashiki seven day with a fine load of quality yellowtail and a sprinkling of school size tuna after a valiant search turned up little in the way of the bigger offshore yellowfin encountered the previous voyage. Isn't that a familiar story? Here one day gone the next is one of those perpetual elements of fishing that makes heroes and tears; or at least hard earned frustration.

Regardless such ebb and flow dynamics are to be expected and should be received with grace, acceptance, and understanding of the fact that above all the crew and Captain are equally invested in the outcome of every voyage. There is no more difficult situation for the guys running the boat than when good fishing falls flat in the face of great expectations. That is when the true professionals shine in performance and results. The masters in this fishery make the most of whatever hand they are dealt and rally their anglers to the cause. In this respect I extend the highest accolades to Capt. Sims who consistently makes the most of every situation with experienced, strong leadership and plenty of smiles.

This last trip was a great example. Huge expectations were the departing theme but the fish gods had other designs. Rather than come unhinged by the intense disappointment of disappearing fish Capt. Sims made a lateral move, produced a fine catch of alternates, and worked a great time into what could have easily gone the opposite direction. Of course a great deal of credit belongs to the group of anglers who recognized that the tuna were saving their treasures for another time and it was simply occasion to line up for the new party. So our gratitude to the annual Kashiki seven day group of anglers. Rest assured that bonus points are accumulated in fishing - the more time one spends at fishing, the more rewards await.

To close for today I want to extend a serious reminder to all anglers on upcoming voyages about passports in the event your scheduled trip is positioned to visit Isla Guadalupe. Passports are absolutely necessary - no exceptions, and should be the essential part of trip preparations for all five to seven day voyages from this point on. If you have any questions please call Tracy in the office. We will provide more information regarding the likelihood of a voyage visiting Guadalupe in short order - the time has come.

Tim Ekstrom

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