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We got off on the right foot heading south with as good a load of sardines as one could ever hope for and anglers revved up and ready to turn over new ground. It is time. And, in accordance with our fishing philosophy, we are all in steaming for the unknown with jigs out and reaching optimism that there are still offshore tuna to be found. Based on everything that has occurred on the offshore grounds thus far it is anyone's guess; there is a wealth of uncovered territory out there broadening by the day. Not that we are under any illusions though, the obvious disappointment doled out by prolific, unwilling bluefin over the past three weeks has led to plenty of adventurous searches rightly abandoned. But, as we have experienced so many times in the past, the ocean functions in the realm of exceptions with surprising regularity. If nothing else it is our turn to reach far in a westerly sweep. As one of many brothers out here, especially in times lean, we are all in to help the cause.

On a completely different note I want to mention that our 2012 - 2013 schedule is soon to be posted on our website reflecting a new trend of longer summer voyages by a day or two in response to demand from anglers seeking consistent opportunities at catching tuna. In several respects the extra day or two makes a huge difference creating a wealth of fishing options for each group that includes every zone distant as well as Isla Guadalupe with plenty of time to accommodate the new requirement of a quick stop in Ensenada to clear in and out with Mexican authorities. As fishermen Randy, Brian, and I are very enthusiastic about the new schedule that will be carried forward for the foreseeable future. In respect to evolving trends we feel our anglers are well positioned for the most successful outcome possible by the changes offered.

And finally, in respect to the forthcoming Royal Star 2012 - 2013 brochure, we are seeking e-mail addresses of anglers willing and/or preferring to receive their copies electronically as opposed to U.S. post. Believe it or not we are jumping on the "go green" bandwagon seeking to minimize the impact of printing and mailing thousands of brochures and envelopes if unnecessary; and, in complete honesty, it wouldn't hurt our feelings to minimize the costs as well. If you are interested in receiving the new brochure via e-mail please send Tracy a quick message at rs@royalstarsportfishing.com and she will add, or tag your existing address, to our send database.

Now, with the business aside, it is down to fishing, and more fishing during the next few days. Look for reports and details to follow.

Tim Ekstrom

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