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One thing I always marvel at is how these Guadalupe trips reveal so much more upon return when the fish are coming out of the hatch; especially from the fact that we are up close and personal with each individual when weighing them for the processing totes, but also from the perspective of basic appearances. So often at this final juncture of a Guadalupe voyage, when beautiful quality tuna and yellowtail are coming out of the hatch in pristine condition, the long range measure of success is demonstrated in stark proportions; the numbers donít necessarily relate a successful tale, but the quality certainly does. With access to Guadalupe re-established the age old question again surfaces: would you rather have ten bites in three days of fishing resulting in three seventy five pound tuna and a couple of thirty pound yellowtail on summer voyage, or wide open action resulting in a full limit of 30 fish in the fifteen to twenty pound class?; neither answer is wrong or better, just different; each way has an appeal uniquely associated with long range fishing. And, in complete candor, a mix of both forms of action on any summer voyage probably garners the most votes.

I know looking at those big ones at the end of a trip has a meaningful impact however; the fishermanís bar of success is definitely measured in proportion. And it definitely holds that the more experience one gainís, the greater the thirst for the exception. So Captain Toussaint ventures forth in search of the exception Royal Star is known for. In every respect we have applied consistent effort to this end. Between our solid crew of professional, experienced men, all of whom have been the foundation of Royal Star upward of three to nine years, and our team of Capt. Toussaint, Sims, and I behind the helm, we maintain a standard unmatched by our competitors. One voyage on Royal Star, one look at our product, one example of the almost unbelievable attention our crew applies toward every aspect of our anglerís long range fishing experience, relates a story unique to our operation, and understood by the significant number of anglers who choose Royal Star year after year. Advancing this fishery by providing anglers with an experience beyond exception is the driving force behind Royal Star. We recognize that it is about far more than just going out and catching fish. Consistent, professional application of our experience and knowledge, and dedication to maintaining the distance between Royal Star and our competitors benefits our anglers in every respect. Randy and the guys are presently on their way to proving it once again.

I mention this relative to a few openings we have on upcoming voyages including the five day departing next Saturday and the six day that follows. If you are one of the many anglers waiting out the summer to see what Guadalupe offers the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Deciding on a Royal Star voyage guarantees a level of professional service, and a quality of product at the return of your voyage, that is unmatched by our competitors; in fact most donít even try. The painstaking process of attending to every single fish with appropriate care is simply too much for the average crew to handle. Our guys are far from average; ask anyone who has made a Royal Star voyage and they will verify this assertion with enthusiasm. The difference in the quality of our anglerís product is exponential Ė a little attention goes a long way; a lot of attention launches the quality into another atmosphere.

One other piece of information noteworthy to the upcoming month is the decision made last week to slice the doomed Pfishcadora four day charter into at least one 1 Ĺ day voyage departing Friday, August 12 returning Sunday August 14th. Though we are well aware that the offshore fishing has been a huge disappointment thus far the signs of Bluefin are still excellent, and now a smattering of yellowfin tuna and dorado are finally making a showing among the vast quantities of offshore Bluefin still around. I have to believe that in another two weeks things will be well advanced and offshore opportunities will be far more consistent. Between the present Hurricane Dora pushing warm water north, and abundant signs of yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and Dorado showing down below, my best guess is that all these fish will fill in as the month of August progresses. The present indicators are already in place and developing. Limited to twenty four anglers, the cost of the 1 Ĺ day will be $400.00 all inclusive. This will be the only opportunity of the year to jump on Royal Star for a short trip. Nothing will be spared in our effort to introduce anglers to every outstanding aspect of our incredible operation. If you are interested give Tracy, Brian, and/or I a call in the office next week. I have to imagine that this opportunity will be short lived so please donít wait too long to book if you are interested.

To close for the day a final reminder about the handful of spaces available on the upcoming five and six day voyages before I attempt to tantalize any of you on the fence with several fine images describing the Guadalupe experience. Between the almost perpetual flat calm of the massive island lee, the quality of the quarry and the breath taking scenery, there is nothing like it. Charter master Dave Duby provides a perfect example while pulling on a sixty five pound Guadalupe yellowfin at color, then in victory mode posing with crewman Paul Caramayo. Also Charter master Steve Parish, again with the young heart throb Paul, and a fine seventy pound class yellowfin. And, a final shot of Joe Davis moments before crewman Steve Gregonis sinks a gaff into his Guadalupe prize. Look for Randyís reports to continue as well as any information I have to add. Enjoy a fine Sunday!

Tim Ekstrom

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