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The tranquility of this astonishingly flat calm passage was finally disrupted by action of the desirable kind. Yellowtail, and the presently coveted larger yellowfin tuna, broke the surface surrounding Royal Star in a fury indicative of things great to come, but proved wily, and worthy, when it came to actual results. The challenge has been clearly set forth; no question these are the right ones, but it will require plenty of effort and savvy to acquire a respectable share; they are not going to give it up easy.

However we are presently all in as the opportunity to engage one of these better size yellowfin is to the preference of every angler on board over all other options. The allure of one fish over many, one standout that will yield not only supreme satisfaction, but table fare of the highest caliber, is the real drive behind the majority of these anglers making this annual eight day voyage. Of course if one is good then two, three, five, or ten is even better - and that is the real goal without question, but the starting point of at least one good tuna around is in perspective for the present; after the first we'll focus on two and beyond; in this respect we are well on our way.

Thank Neptune for the ubiquitous yellowtail and their willingness to join the fray and fill in the blanks between these tuna. Without question they have been the pace setters thus far making for a wealth of premium long range action on just about every voyage this season. And though today's action did not near reflect the surface showing provided by both the yellowtail and tuna alike, the yellowtail certainly provided the bulk of the bites, battles, and victories.

As time and conditions proceed in our favor a clear strategy is set forth that we aim to satisfy. Tuna, and then more tuna is the main objective; yellowtail we will gladly accommodate as well. In the process of everything to come, we will pay proper's to the glory of a sea state that can make a pleasant time of even the most trying day of fishing.

Just before sundown I can not even come close to describing the stunning panorama; the sea surface an endless mauve slate of viscous quicksilver reflecting electric gossamer lines, untraceable and infinite, broadcasting the heaven's light devoid of horizon. Were it not for the tangible reality, that everyone one on board spared no words to express, the raving beauty of the moment, of the entire day, was almost too good to believe.

And it would be natural to surmise that this realm calls to the soul on such occasions reminding us of the tremendous potential in all things - perhaps. It could also be a simple, pure moment, realized, appreciated, and catalogued or forgotten as just another flat calm. Either way, it is all good. At the risk of being controversial feel free to remove one letter "o" from the final word in the previous sentence as you see fit. In my estimation either interpretation is correct.

Photo for the day features a long time Royal Star friend and veteran Dom Gobbi. At eighty something years young Dom showed he still runs with the big dogs taming this one hundred seven pound yellowfin tuna amidst the hottest phase of the day's action. Needless to say we are hoping for plenty more of this sign, and then some.

Tim Ekstrom

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