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Even prior to our final, sixth day of fishing on this seven day voyage the consistency of our success was becoming somewhat surreal. In the beginning I laid out a strategy of what, why, and how then followed through to the letter. It doesn't happen this way too often. Typically we find ourselves adjusting the original plan due to any variety of changes that throw a wrench in the works; such is the nature of fishing. Then, once in a blue moon, everything seems to fall perfectly into place doing a fantastic job of making us look like we know what we are doing. I'll let all of you decide on that one. Of late I have to admit that there have been some pretty convincing examples.

Our final morning of prospecting actually looked as if the bubble was set to burst as we took a track off the beaten path pushing our recent fortune to the limit. It didn't work at all. Finding ourselves in left field by a wide margin I figured it was time blow the carbon out of the exhaust and execute a twenty mile jump in relatively short order. The old saying "he who hesitates is lost" definitely applied. In doing so we went from a obviously fishless ocean to a stretch that somewhat mirrored a set of conditions about six weeks ago. I have made plenty of mention of late about the six fishing sense and such and again this notion applied. As we rolled into this different zone it had that distinct fishy feel I know so well. I knew we were going to find a school; without a doubt. Again I mentioned such to my right hand man Chief Engineer Sean Bickel. And again, not five minutes later, there it was.

A few picking terns were the tip off. As we approached a spread out area of flips and jumpers revealed exactly what we were looking for. When we did get on them wow did they bite. It was game on. Fifteen to twenty two pound yellowfin with a few standout twenty five's was the grade and these anglers were well prepped for action by the long morning fishless morning. Suffice to say we loaded up from the "aquarium style" opportunity that featured hundreds of fish plowing through the corner the entire time. It was a fantastic closing round to put the finishing touch on a voyage of epic proportions. Quantity, quality, in a big way, and variety fulfilled to perfection. Throw in flat calm weather for seven days, and six days of fishing time out of seven days total, and the picture is complete.

Now it is time to return anew as Captain Toussaint resumes command departing tomorrow on our annual Baja Fish Gear seven day voyage. The stage for success is definitely set as another seasoned group of anglers joins Randy and our crew in search of a repeat or better. Meanwhile I remain on the beach to join "Rock Cod" Rick Maxa on Let's Talk Hookup Sunday morning. Between this voyage and the upcoming fall season no doubt we'll have plenty to talk about.

Photo today features long time Royal Star veteran Brett Merrill and crewman Paul Caramao with Brett's first trophy Guadalupe yellowfin. I'll send a few more full resolution photos from the home front tomorrow. Have a fine weekend!

Tim Ekstrom

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