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Between the two football games and a serious poker tourney a few nickels and dimes changed hands this easy going Sunday. Still the seas are frothing by, still the ride is smooth and fine, and still we well utilize the passage of

Three or four morning hours of steadfast attention to rigging and prep yielded to an afternoon of above described leisure. It was fine, and well earned. Perhaps the big scenic highlight of the day was a close pass of the famed Alijos
Rocks that in the present sea condition in no way beckoned with charm. Intrigue certainly, the history of catching around these Paleolithic outcropings can not help but pique the curiosity of any true fisherman, but given the season, and uninviting canvas, such instinctual callings were held in check.

The finishing touches will be applied tomorrow as we round out the first travel leg of this voyage with particular attention to details. For when it comes to giant yellowfin tuna, the little things in rigging and preparation do count. In
this arena one may be fishing for only one or two chances at a bona fide giant during the course of their adventure. Sure there will be many opportunities at "mid-graders" on successful outings, but, as for the big deuces, most voyages on
average offer at best a handful of shots a day. Perfect preparation is key, is necessary, to make good when your turn comes.

Tim Ekstrom

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