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We can't exactly claim a rip roaring start, quite the opposite truth be told, but we finally managed to get in the game by mid-afternoon scratching away at mid-graders with a few hefties mixed in. Not a lot of action here today overall,
but the sign is definitely still around.

As such we are in for the penny and pound sticking to the game plan here for at least a few days. This place definitely has the feel of something good waiting in the wings.

Photos of the day feature long time Royal Star favorite Jan Abbot once again demonstrating her skill at the rail landing the first deuce of this voyage, a fat, 213. Photo number two features Jan in the action along side featured Oregon
Albacoreman Todd Girtz making his second winter long trip to the show in pursuit of the mystical Thunnus Albacares.

I can not sufficiently express my satisfaction to see some of the hardcore summer albacore chasers from up north making a winter long range voyage. With the relatively new found love for tuna fishing up north, I can only hope Todd
and his friend's pilgrimage will spark more interest among like minded sportsmen in the northern climes. For all you northern anglers following Todd, Jeff, Mark, and Wayne's progress they went four for five today with Mark unfortunately
missing on his first chance at a big one. Todd's first battle of the voyage ended in triumph producing a mid-grade, 120 pounder. Before the trip ends I'll get all the guys in at least a photo or two. That is, if we catch them. Tomorrow
is a new day.

Tim Ekstrom

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