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Another fine day that for us again peaked early with the morning hit yielding four more solid deuces and a couple of handfuls of 130 - 192's. Then there were the mid-graders that inserted themselves into the fray from the beginning and
unlike their larger brethren, that to our disappointments did not stay, remained with us the entire day.

Following our big morning the action tapered into plentiful catching on 70 - 110# yellowfin with only the occasional fish over 150. However, with the strongest emphasis possible, we are in no state to complain. And, wouldn't even
think of doing so on such a prosperous occasion.

In conversation today the subject of how this voyage relates to others on the scale of success came up. I considered the question from a variety of perspectives and commented that I would never depart on a voyage with expectations of anything better. Of course there could be a higher percentage of two hundred pounders, or three hundred pounders for that matter, but such high grading is pointless. Hoping for magic is exactly that. Hoping for what we have now is real.

We head into day six energized, enthusiastic, and well prepared to continue the established roll. Beyond the fishing we could not be out here among a better group of anglers who have melded into a production machine all while maintaining
a light atmosphere rife with camaraderie, a few hijinks, and all around good fun.

Photos today feature master anglers Kohei Kikuchi with his 255, and Bruce Kelton with his chunk enticed 245 coming through the gate.

Tim Ekstrom

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