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We didn't operate with quite the efficiency as previous mornings dumping at least a couple of three jumbos while landing only two - such are the up's and down's of giant yellowfin tuna fishing. Plenty was made of the day otherwise;
and opportunity is what it is all about. What anglers, Captain, and crewmen make of the opportunity is the defining theme of a day, certain voyage, entire season, and perhaps even an operation in totality.

This is our perspective anyway, and, at the very least, provides an explanation for the intensity we exhibit in pursuit of these incredible beasts. These big fish are in effect the essence of our professional existence. And, as difficult
perhaps to the layman as this statement is to identify with, it can at least provide some insight into our psyche on the water.

As for the anglers I suspect that the big fish passion may not be expressed in quite the degree of seriousness, but I assure all that after twenty five years of targeting giant yellowfin with diehard "tuna junkies" the fire exists in equal proportion. How else could one explain the desire to venture into the distant expanse of the ocean, for weeks at a time, in the sole pursuit of such quarry?

To be certain the present voyage is a perfect example of this notion. And no better example can be cited than the angler featured in our two photos today. Now Royal Star veteran Marius Coetzee is making his third annual Braid, January 15 day voyage traveling all the way from South Africa to pursue this region's famed giant yellowfin tuna. No small jaunt to get here, after the first year experiencing this incredible fishery Marius was hooked on both the fishing and
the friendships cultivated among this exemplary group of individuals.

This is my first opportunity to fish with Marius, whose affable reputation rightfully precedes him, and I am pleased for the opportunity. An excellent, knowledgeable, and highly accomplished angler, Marius has taken to this style of angling like a fish to water making short work of this 209 just after sunrise this morning. The first shot I snapped of Marius in action at the rail, the second, twenty minutes later, with this voyage's prize - so far. Two mornings to go mean only one thing: more opportunity. Anything can, and most certainly will, happen.

Tim Ekstrom

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