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And just like that, they were gone. Virtually zero sign of jumbos today, despite continued fantastic action on 70 - 120 yellowfin, with a few standouts in the 160 - 185# class. We did have one shot at a giant early, but to our chagrin the
brief skirmish ended with a bare hook coming back trailing only a small piece of skin. At least the skulking beast now has a pierced lip to remember us by.

Focusing on the positive however, all enjoyed the final full day of fishing logging in time at the rail, enjoying primo weather, and pulling with remarkable consistency on spirited tunas. In particular, the chunk fishermen were
absolutely slaying the fish, by far the best chunk fishing I have ever seen, remaining steady on the big gear throughout the day. There were numerous times during the day when of the three or four fish that were hooked all were enticed
with the chunk. And it has been this way for the past three days. For whatever reason all sizes of the fish around here appear to be keyed into to that type of feed; we'll take it.

And speaking of the chunk it is only right that I first feature "The Commander", long time Royal Star veteran and favorite Colonel (Ret.) Geoff Houck pulling on one of his countless tuna hooked and landed on the chunk during the past three
days. Showing grit, and tireless determination that one would expect from a United States Marine, Geoff has been kicking the daylights out of the tuna this voyage with his best thus far weighing in at 192#.

Photo number two features another of the Northern Albacoreman Wayne Waldron who is captured in a classic moment of agonizing ecstasy. No doubt this is a perfect example of the slight difference in brawn between the cool water, delicate
albacore, and the warm water brawler yellowfin tuna; the extra one hundred twenty pounds the tuna on the other end of Wayne's pole was carrying over the average twenty two pound albacore didn't hurt either. Anyway it is fitting that
another Northern Albacoreman, Captain Brett Rouintree, previously of the Royal Star, is at Wayne's side in this photo making his annual one or two winter cameo's on Royal Star far from his own albacore bait boat the Anna Maria.

With the final morning looming the stakes are gargantuan for a strong finish. With plenty of energy in reserve we are ready and willing to take everything they are willing to yield, and then some.

Tim Ekstrom

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