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And after so many years, so many incredible hauls of big fish unloaded, the sight of them all at once, the sheer labor and reward, is thrilling and gratifying beyond measure. All of us, in the face of the extreme physical effort required to accomplish our goal, wore huge smiles; grins from ear to ear as energy poured forth from the endless source of winning. That sense of accomplishment, of achieving something beyond ordinary, was transmitted by one and all – even those who were not part of the voyage itself.

The winning spirit is contagious on the waterfront - just like a baseball or football game, or any competitive sporting event; when the home team wins everyone wins; in everyone is instilled a piece of the accomplishment. And as bold as the comment may be make no mistake about it, around Fisherman’s Landing anyway, we are the home team. Twenty five years of venturing forth and returning safe with magnificent catches on board account for something more than superficial; far more than the flavor of the month or year. We are glad of it; proud even. Time has not proven us wrong.

But voyages such as our latest are a win for everyone. Such incredible fishing for us merely indicates that the opportunity was, and still is, there for all vessels and anglers. The end result, in the form of premium quality RSW stored fish, is unique to Royal Star - no other vessel produces the consistent, superior level of quality as our operation, but the catching, the production, is available to one and all; or better said, available to the fishermen.

As I mentioned earlier I will continue the daily narrative over the next few weeks with plenty more information to share. Things are beginning to ramp up as the 2012 summer season dawns upon us. Photos for the day feature a fine sequence of “Turbo” Bob Ryan in action on one of his three deuces landed during the latest run. The victor and the vanquished, photos two and three feature the defeated beast just prior to being lifted on board, and hanging in the ultimate moment.

Tim Ekstrom

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