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Quite the contrast from yesterday to this morning that was a bona fide ripper on big fish beginning in the early darkness and lasting through daylight. As so often happens on such occasions the action comes on like a freight train with a
rail full of anglers that were casually fishing almost instantly becoming a mass of desperation as spirited giant yellowfin barge in to prove they are game while towing anglers so previously confidant behind.

No doubt this is when the boys earn their keep maintaining order in a situation that is on the precipice of chaos on the best of occasions. One slip, one misstep, and the whole thing unravels leading to opportunities we traveled a
thousand miles for lost to the avoidable. Not this time though. The boys were on their game and these anglers took the cue throwing their full weight into the fracas coming out on top in the majority of the contests; a job well done by

When the smoke cleared the first wave produced four over the 200 mark and another dozen in the mid to high ones. Immediately following the initial hit the mid graders filled in adding to what can only be described as wide open action.
Between the jumbos still hooked and their aspiring brethren I have to assign credit for a good run. They almost had us for a few minutes, inside the perimeter we are fond of saying, but cool heads prevailed and added up for a hearty morning. It could not have gone down better.

Then we had the rest of the day to look forward to. And it did not disappoint. Although the rip roaring pace of the pre-dawn was not to be repeated we managed to scratch at quality throughout the day. It was a welcome reprieve as the
easier pace set anglers to enjoy the experience and surroundings, and even snap a few pictures.

Speaking of which I had zero time to capture any images during the big hit that found me up to my elbows in the mix doing my best to add to our success. Not in the form of taking photos at that juncture however that admittedly challenged every skill and task management capacity I could muster. Later however I grabbed an image of another Oregon Albacoreman Jeff Norwood who was hot from the moment he awoke this morning. In today's shot Jeff is employing the trusty "rail method" to authoritatively dispatch one of his several good ones landed after
the big dawn.

Without question this location is worthy of another day and more as we are in ideal position to continue the trend established today. With a little agreement from the tuna we'll be happy to maintain the status quo.

Tim Ekstrom

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