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We eased into the day with far greater intervals between bites setting a reasonable pace from the get go that ultimately lasted through the late afternoon. From a production standpoint the numbers ended up about the same with four again over the 200 mark, numerous others from 70 - 130, and a few handfuls of 150 - 180's in the mix.

For the amount of fishing time and capacity remaining we opted yesterday afternoon to begin releasing any tuna shy of the 100# mark. Anglers readily adapted today adding the "smaller" 70 - 100 pound tuna to the release column as
there were plenty more enticing trophies coming aboard. And in the end production spread fairly among all those investing time and effort at the rail.

A new component today was a significant quantity of wahoo that appear to have moved into the shallows. The were both cause for frustration, as they flashed through slicing and dicing baits, as well as good sport for the occasional chosen one fortunate enough to land one of the toothy speedsters on the straight monofilament rigged tuna tackle. And of course some justice was administered to the thieving hook steelers by jig tossing anglers throughout the day.

All in all an incredibly satisfying day of fishing that offered anglers the opportunity to set whatever pace they preferred with the chance to hook a trophy yellowfin prominent throughout. That chance, combined with all the other action
taking place, made for about as idyllic a day in this fishery as one could ask for. Along with beautiful weather, it would be difficult to find a flaw.

Photos today feature a couple of standout moments. First, another Northern Albacoreman, Mark Youngblood, scored on his second chance at a big one tidily dispatching this 238 like a seasoned veteran. Photo number two features uber
veteran long ranger Larry Ward and his 285 taken on the mid day chunk rig. As is so often the case on the chunk the one that does come through is real tusker. Larry rigged for it, fished for it, and got it; an exemplary achievment that
resonated among the entire group. Needless to say there were a few more dedicated "chunkers" after this beauty hit the deck.

Tim Ekstrom

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