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There was a pretty disappointing news story that came out yesterday detailing a veteran long range angler coming off a January 15 day voyage being caught up in a CDFG investigation for selling his catch. Though this was not an angler that fished aboard Royal Star the circumstance does call for some broad reflection; we all have much at stake here.

I’m not going to get on a soap box and preach morality, we all have our share of transgressions punished and unpunished, I am simply going to make a sincere request for everyone to seriously consider the value of this fishery to ourselves and others looking forward. The long range fishery in Mexico is a privilege afforded to an extremely fortunate few. It is a privilege that can be taken away in the snap of two fingers by the Government of Mexico. Although we have forged strong relationships across the border as an industry we still have our share of detractors. The above mentioned negative news is the kind of cannon fodder such opponents are only too happy to receive; and even more happy to use.

The product coming off most long range vessels is of a value so precious that most anglers return from their voyages with a potential commodity almost better than gold. Well, maybe not that good, but still a tremendously valuable product unavailable at that level of quality in the vast majority of markets around the world. That quality adds tremendous value to an individual’s long range fishing trip. It is not a marketable commodity however; it is not one that can be measured in thickness of a wallet.

Please share the product from your long range voyages with friends and family along with your fishing experiences. If and when the question of “where can I get more of this?” is asked let the inquisitor know of your long range vessel of choice. There are plenty of fish in the sea, thank goodness, all one has to do is go out and catch them. Please don’t succumb to any ideas about financially profiting from the product that comes from your long range trip. This is the kind of situation that creates inexpressible angst to those of us dependent on this fishery for our livelihood.

Back to fishing again I pulled a couple of full resolution shots from the previous Braid 15 voyage for today’s report. “Lingcod Todd” Girtz, straight from the northern climes, demonstrates that the Pacific Northwest anglers are no Pilgrims when it comes to pulling on big tuna. And, USMC Capt. David Sumethasorn did the deck of Royal Star justice landing three over the deuce on his first official big fish run. This one came in at 219 after succumbing to a post daylight present morning chunk.

Tim Ekstrom

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