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Howling wind and pummeling rain introduced this day as a profound example of
unsettled tropical weather; at 10 degrees north latitude, just six hundred miles
and change from the equator, it is to be expected. And expected, and prepared
for we were hunkered down while the extreme fresh water rinse spruced up the
deck area lending a fresh and clean feeling to the new day.

And so typical of this region after daylight the squalls dried up and that was
that; no more rain after one brief spat at 0700. Unfortunately however the wind
did not follow suit making for a sloppy, very confused sea condition augmented
by a generous northwest ground swell, and mixed up 4 - 6 foot seas. I have to
admit that such conditions are not motivational, and even counter productive at
times. This was one of them. After a few passes and attempts in the weather we
beat a fast retreat for the lee side to try our hand in a few old haunts
discovered many years prior in just such conditions.

At one such "secret" spot the man himself, Corbett Wright, finally got the day
started with a fat 225. From there it was back to the weather that thankfully
abated somewhat by the late afternoon. Weather or otherwise though we were
there; it takes far more than a little challenge to spoil this party. And it is
a good thing as Corbett's ice breaker paved the way for a couple more well over
the deuce, and around twenty five more 90 - 190's. Overall production was down
from the prior three bonanza's, but the slight decline did nothing to affect
morale and enthusiasm. The sign of fish is still extraordinary, and, as we
merely reached the halfway point today, we still have plenty of time. There will
be more Katy bar the door type action before this is over, and then some.

Of special note today, and way worthy of mention, was the capture of consecutive
cows at 219 and 234 landed by one of the finest, most durable anglers I have had
the pleasure to know. Sakda Chittasenee, known to us as "Stan" finally had his
day in the sun after a conservatively estimated hundreds of yellowfin in the 70
- 190 pound class landed on Royal Star during the past three years. The allure
of this style of fishing, and the temptation of giant yellowfin potential, has
motivated Stan to make four Royal Star voyages since 2010 coming all the way
over from Thailand.

Finally, after an already incredible catch history, Stan got, and made good, on
his shot at a couple of bona fide cows today. And true to form he made handy
work of both using his trusty Shimano Talica 25! I have referenced the amazing
feats all the anglers from Thailand have to their credit using the Shimano
Talica 25's. Today was simply another example of the incredible talent these
guys possess, and the extraordinary capabilities of the Shimano Talica line.
Between the new Talica 50, that is by far the smoothest, lightest in its class,
most powerful reel any of us on Royal Star have ever used, and the 25's, the
results on this voyage so far speak for themselves. Our most sincere
congratulations are extended to Stan who is by far among finest rod and reel
anglers I have encountered. The stories of his indefatigable enthusiasm for
fishing are already too many to recall.

Photos for the day feature Stan and yours truly with his 234 and trusty Shimano
Talica equipped with 130# spectra and short,130# fluorocarbon top shot, and Greg
Packard putting the wood to a spirited 170 using the traditional gear on the

Tim Ekstrom

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